Who are we?

DARP is an artist community living and working in an ex-School in Derbyshire, UK. We are horizontally organised and self-guided.

We welcome practitioners from all walks of life with a need to develop their practice in an environment that encourages independence through communal living. This place provides time and space for artists to work autonomously on their practices and projects, whilst also benefiting from communal living, opportunities for collaboration, skill sharing, and proximity to the natural world.

What is in this newsletter?

We share diary entries, posts, images, videos and other media from practitioners currently working and living at DARP. We use this letter to share our experiences, developments in our personal practices and to chart the growth and transformation of DARP.


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Here we share the systems we have created to live and work by at Derbyshire Artist Resident Program.



We are Derbyshire Artist Resident Program, a horizontal organised and self-guided place for artists and practitioners. We live in an ex-Steiner school.